In Tight Texas AG Race, Garza Continues to Gain Key Support

October 5, 2022

San Antonio Express-News Ed Board Endorses Rochelle Garza

Washington, DC — The Texas Attorney General race is set to be one of the most competitive, and Democratic AG candidate Rochelle Garza continues to gain key support throughout the state. Yesterday, the San Antonio Express-News Editorial Board announced their endorsement for Rochelle Garza, writing“To be clear, Paxton has created the narrative of being unfit for office because of his actions. His Republican challengers in the GOP primary simply gave voice to that reality. Now Garza is amplifying it. She deserves bipartisan support.”

“Sabato’s Crystal Ball, Larry Sabato’s political newsletter at the University of Virginia Center for Politics, has designated this race ‘competitive,’ but also noted ‘Garza’s challenge will be to reach more voters who are unfamiliar with her.’”

“She is challenging a deeply flawed incumbent who has been indicted for securities fraud; is under FBI investigation after top aides alleged corruption (he denies any wrongdoing); filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the presidential election (the U.S. Supreme Court slammed it); said after the massacre in Uvalde, ;We can’t stop bad people from doing bad things”; and recently fled from a process server trying to deliver a subpoena.”’

“Republicans should reject Paxton because he has failed to represent the state or the party with appropriate ethics, dignity and respect for the office and voters.”


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