Indiana AG Continuing Attack on Abortion Provider

November 30, 2022

Todd Rokita is a Disgrace

Washington, DC — Indiana AG Todd Rokita is continuing his relentless attack on an abortion provider for simply doing her job. The Associated Press reported today that AG Rokita “asked the state medical licensing board to discipline an Indianapolis doctor who has spoken publicly about providing an abortion to a 10-year-old rape victim who traveled from Ohio after its more-restrictive abortion law took effect.”

AP continues, “Bernard and her lawyers maintain the girl’s abuse had already been reported to Ohio police and child protective services officials before the doctor ever saw the child…Bernard’s lawyers argue Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, who is stridently anti-abortion, has been spreading false or misleading information about the doctor with his investigation allegations for several months.”

Statement from Emily Trifone, Deputy Communications Director, DAGA:

“Anti-abortion Republican extremism is on full display in the Indiana AG office. Todd Rokita continues to be a disgrace. This game that Republican AGs play by putting politics over people to boost their personal agenda is dangerous and needs to end.”


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