Jason Miyares Accepts $2.6 Million from Group that Funded January 6 Rally, Leading to Insurrection

October 26, 2021

Washington, DC — Today, a new campaign finance report revealed that GOP Virginia Attorney General candidate Jason Miyares has now accepted $2.6 million from the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA), a group that helped ignite the January 6 insurrection. RAGA is now Miyares’s largest donor in the race for Virginia Attorney General — contributing three times more than his second-largest donor.

Even after Miyares was called out for taking money from a group who incited January 6, he still bragged about taking their money. That’s right — Jason Miyares is gloating about support from the very same people who helped incite a riot that killed five police officers.

Prior to the insurrection, RAGA’s policy arm — the Rule of Law Defense Fund (RLDF) — paid for a robocall promoting the rally, encouraging “patriots” to march to the Capitol building to “stop the steal.” The new RAGA Executive Director, Peter Bisbee, is the same person who authorized that robocall. In addition to the robocall, Republican Attorneys General bear responsibility for spreading Trump’s Big Lie and trying to overturn the results of the election.

New information about the insurrection is coming to light every week. A little more than one week ago the Washington Post reported on an additional $150,000 that RAGA fundraised for January 6. 

Condemning the violence on January 6 is not enough. Why is Miyares taking money from the very people who helped fund and organize the rally before the insurrection?


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