Kansas AG Race Set Between Democrat Chris Mann and GOP Extremist Kris Kobach

August 3, 2022

Abortion Ballot Initiative Points to Momentum for Kansas

Washington, DC — With the conclusion of the Kansas primaries, the race for Attorney General is set between DAGA-backed Democratic nominee Chris Mann and Kris Kobach. Voters have a clear choice between Mann, a former police officer injured in the line of duty who went on to become an attorney, and Kris Kobach, who is a radical and out-of-touch with Kansans. Kobach previously lost two statewide races in Kansas and has been called a “risk” to the Kansas Republican ticket by members of his own party.


Statement from Sean Rankin, President, Democratic Attorneys General Association:

“The contrast between Chris Mann and Kris Kobach is clear. Chris Mann is going to keep Kansas safe and put them first just as he has his entire career. Chris was a police officer who was injured in the line of duty and then continued to serve the public by becoming an attorney. He’s worked to hold the powerful accountable and protect consumers and seniors. Kris Kobach, on the other hand, has built a platform of hate, and as a result, the people of Kansas have already rejected his extremist campaigns twice. National observers and allies will be watching this race closely, given Kobach’s history of dangerous behavior and rhetoric. Kansas is also the first test of where voters stand following the fall of Roe, and Kansans resoundingly rejected the anti-abortion ballot measure in a sign that voters are fired up about Republican attacks on abortion. Chris Mann is going to appeal to Kansans from all walks of life and every part of the state. He’s the obvious choice in November.”



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