DAGA Announces $2.5 Million+ Kentucky Allocation Supporting Greg Stumbo

October 3, 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C.— The Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) announced an initial $2.5 Million allocation supporting Greg Stumbo in the Kentucky Attorney General race. The allocation affirms DAGA’s commitment to electing Greg Stumbo, the Democratic candidate for Kentucky Attorney General. By comparison, DAGA spent $2 Million in support of Andy Beshear’s successful election in 2015.

“We are all in when it comes to supporting Greg Stumbo and his campaign. He is ready to serve the people of Kentucky as Attorney General on his first day in office,” said Sean Rankin, a native Kentuckian and Executive Director of the Democratic Attorney General Association. “In Kentucky, court room experience and leadership experience matter. In this race, there is only one candidate on the ballot this November who has what it takes to fight for working Kentuckians and Kentucky families as Attorney General—and that is Greg Stumbo.”

The DAGA People’s Lawyer Project, an independent organization backed by DAGA, has booked $1.3 million so far in television advertising in key media markets for Kentucky voters starting October 16th. The TV-buy will run through Election Day.

For more on the Kentucky AG Race, check out this memo linked here.

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