MAJOR ENDORSEMENT UPDATE: Democratic AG Candidate Greg Stumbo Receives Key Endorsements Ahead of General Election

October 24, 2019

Lexington Herald-Leader & Courier Journal Endorse Experienced Lawyer Greg Stumbo over McConnell Protégé Daniel Cameron

In the span of a week, Democratic AG candidate Greg Stumbo received two major endorsements from Kentucky’s leading newspapers: The Courier Journal and The Lexington Herald-Leader.

Both endorsements highlight Greg Stumbo’s strong legal career and experience protecting the people of Kentucky in comparison to McConnell protégé Daniel Cameron’s concerning lack of legal experience (never having tried a court case) and unfamiliarity with Kentucky law.

From The Courier Journal:

“Stumbo also has a greater understanding than his opponent of the attorney general’s role in ensuring that our government acts legally and constitutionally, which is a fundamental requirement of the position.”

Daniel Cameron “comes up woefully short on experience…Most of his experience comes from Washington, D.C., where his focus was on federal law. Kentucky’s attorney general must be well-versed in state law.”

Read the full endorsement here!

From The Lexington Herald-Leader:

“Stumbo is smart and tough; he knows more about Kentucky than most people and he understands the role of Attorney General.”

Daniel Cameron “has little to no actual courtroom experience but has clerked for a federal judge and spent the past several years at the Frost Brown Todd law firm.”

Read the full endorsement here!

Kentuckians deserve an Attorney General that will be ready on day one to fight for them and these two major endorsements make it clear that Greg Stumbo is the right choice for Kentuckians on Election Day.

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