MARIE CLAIRE: How Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum Is Quietly Fighting Trump—and Beating Him

May 28, 2019

“When things happen, we want to be right out there on the front lines,” says Rosenblum. “We want to make sure the individual AGs are getting credit for what they’re doing in their state.”

The feature in Marie Claire on DAGA Co-Chair Oregon AG Rosenblum by Caroline Rothstein highlights her leadership in the Oregon Attorneys General Office as well as among state AGs nationwide. Key excerpts below:

“I look out for the most vulnerable,” she says. “That’s my job.”

“Being attorney general has caused me to focus on the importance of the courts in being able to be that back-stop when it looks like things are starting to just get out of control, and that has been the name of the game under the Trump administration,”

Notably, the piece also covers the growing importance of DAGA and why electing Democratic AGs is so important.

“…Rosenblum co-chairs the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA), which has revolutionized its recruitment, fundraising, and get out the vote efforts over the past few years to help elect more Democratic state attorneys general (there are currently 27 nationwide).

The profile puts a spotlights on AG Rosenblum’s national leadership on reproductive rights including her recent victory blocking the Trump administration’s Title X “Gag Rule” that would cut funding for family planning programs and muzzle doctor’s from sharing information on reproductive health options like abortion.

This administration is basically trying to find a way to shut down abortion,” says Rosenblum. “It’s really about censorship.” And, she adds, “It is a direct affront to the independence and the ethics of the medical profession to be told that they cannot provide certain information.”

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