MEMO: Kansas Attorney General Race

November 2, 2022

TO: Interested Parties


SUBJECT: Kansas Attorney General Race

DATE: November 2, 2022

With just 6 days to go until Election Day, it’s clear the momentum is with Chris Mann’s campaign for Kansas Attorney General. Chris Mann, a retired police officer, former national chair of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and a former prosecutor, built a campaign that will finally end Kris Kobach’s political career for good.

1. Momentum Is Building For Chris Mann: According to a new poll released this morning, Chris Mann has a slim lead of 44% to 43%, with 11% remaining undecided. The same pollster found in late September that Kris Koach held a slim lead of 41% to 39% – before we began paid advertising. This polling reflects what we’ve always known: Kansans are tired of career politicians like Kris Kobach wasting our tax dollars, abusing the public trust, and embarrassing the state when it matters most.

2. Kris Kobach Is Floundering, Again: Earlier this week, state campaign finance reports revealed that our campaign outraised Kris Kobach, this time by double. Chris Mann reported raising more than $952k. Kris Kobach reported raising an embarrassing $465k. Even more importantly, we closed this reporting period having more on hand, with $215k in the bank. Kris Kobach reported just $73k. This comes on the heels of another blunder by Kobach, labeling Tiger Woods, yes, that Tiger Woods, as a dangerous “cop killer” in a campaign ad last week. He’s out of money and time. Next week Kansans will finish the job and send him back into retirement.

3. The Choice Is Even More Clear: Since late September, Our Campaign has worked to introduce Chris to voters across the state in paid communications as a former Police Officer and Prosecutor who will work hard to keep Kansans safe. We’ve also reminded voters of Kris Kobach’s obsession with himself and regaining political power. But, Kobach is well-known and, in Kansas, we must overcome a significant partisan deficit to win. We can meet these challenges and win this race with additional funding in the final stretch. We ask for your support at this critical moment.

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