Minnesota GOP AG Nominee Set Up Crisis Pregnancy Center, Refuses to Answer 2020 Questions

September 6, 2022

POLITICO Covers GOP Nominee Jim Schultz’ Weakness on Abortion, Career as Hedge Fund Lawyer

Washington, D.C. — There is a heated race for Attorney General in Minnesota, and at the recent state fair, AG Keith Ellison spoke with POLITICO’s David Siders on why he’s the clear choice for voters given the stark contrast between him and GOP AG nominee Jim Schultz.

Siders writes, “Since leaving Congress to run for state attorney general in Minnesota in 2018, Ellison, now 59, had compiled a record of progressive-pleasing litigation on issues ranging from climate change to abortion rights and opioids. He successfully prosecuted police officer Derek Chauvin for Floyd’s murder.”

Meanwhile Jim Schultz, AG Ellison’s GOP challenger, “is not without liabilities,” writes Siders.

“In a state where large majorities of voters support abortion rights, Schultz said during the primary that hhelped to set up a crisis pregnancy center in Mankato and would ‘be the one going on offense’ on the issue of abortion. Then there’s his work as a hedge fund lawyer, and his sidestepping of questions about the legitimacy of the 2020 election.”

 “Seated on a raised patio behind the state GOP’s booth at the fair, Schultz repeatedly declined in an interview to say if the election was fair, retreating to his statement of fact that ‘Joe Biden is the president of the United States.’”

“…Ellison has other advantages. He is well-known in Minnesota, having held offices in the state for nearly 20 years. He is severely out-fundraising Schultz, and he has the power of incumbency. Earlier this month, Ellison issued a consumer alert about crisis pregnancy centers. Unlike Schultz, he is an experienced campaigner.”

“‘I will talk about what I’m doing, and I will talk about contrasts,’ [Ellison] said. ‘I’m for a woman’s right to choose; he’s not. I’m for economic justice and welfare; he’s a hedge fund lawyer.’”


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