MO AG RACE UPDATE: DAGA Statement on Rich Finneran Primary Victory in Missouri

August 5, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) released the following statement from Executive Director Sean Rankin on the results of Missouri’s Democratic primary election for Attorney General. Elad Gross and Rich Finneran ran a competitive primary that drove significant Democratic energy heading into November. DAGA thanks both candidates for running smart primary races.

Statement from Sean Rankin, Executive Director of the Democratic Attorneys General Association:

“Congratulations to Rich Finneran for winning the Democratic nomination for Attorney General in Missouri. Finneran is committed to protecting access to affordable health care, restoring integrity to the Missouri OAG, and upholding the rule of law so justice can be applied equally. DAGA is excited and ready to hit the ground running to support Rich Finneran in his effort to become Missouri’s next Attorney General.”

“Republican incumbent Eric Schmitt is a career politician with a misguided sense of justice who fell into the role of Attorney General, and now he is dead set on serving the interests of big donors and political allies, not regular Missouri families. And in the middle of a pandemic that is affecting those Missouri families and communities, Schmitt is wasting taxpayer dollars on a lawsuit that would put the health care of nearly 2.5 million Missourians with pre-existing conditions at risk. Being Attorney General is about serving the people, and Schmitt’s lack of judgment and common sense during the COVID-19 crisis should be a wake-up call to Missouri voters; DAGA looks forward to raising the alarm by supporting a better choice for Attorney General: Democrat Rich Finneran.”


  • The Kansas City Star Editorial Board slammed Eric Schmitt for continually being on the wrong side of history and law.
  • Just five months after he was sworn into office, Schmitt settled a lawsuit that even former Republican AG Josh Hawley knew was a bad deal. Schmitt settled a lawsuit with Paul McKee for alleged tax fraud for a fraction of what Hawley had sought. Schmitt received at least $150,000 in campaign contributions from McKee’s family members and other close connections.
  • Eric Schmitt was appointed to the position of Attorney General in January of 2019 after Josh Hawley was elected to the U.S. Senate.
  • Eric Schmitt is currently running a political PAC slush fund so he can work around campaign limits, including million-dollar checks from billionaires looking to buy favors.
  • Eric Schmitt is busy wasting hard-earned taxpayer dollars on a frivolous lawsuit with China that has no legal basis solely to score political points rather than using his office to defend the health care coverage Missouri families need during the ongoing pandemic.

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