ICYMI: Missouri AG Candidate Rich Finneran Wins STL Post-Dispatch Endorsement As Momentum Builds for Dems

October 2, 2020

Endorsement Follows St. Louis American Endorsement Last Week


Missouri’s Democratic AG nominee Rich Finneran capped off this week winning the coveted endorsement of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Calling Finneran the “right lawyer for the job,The Post-Dispatch notes he’s “a former federal prosecutor, respected attorney and law professor” who vows to bring “renewed transparency and apolitical competence” to the job.


The editorial goes on to cite Finneran’s “impressive credentials,” including “prosecutions of white-collar criminals, drug traffickers and more,” and calls his vow to pull Missouri out of a lawsuit to gut the Affordable Care Act “crucial.”


By contrast, it cites unelected incumbent AG Eric Schmitt’s “multiple missteps,” including clinging to the “disgraceful” lawsuit to gut the ACA, which would eliminate protections for more than 2.4 Million Missourians with pre-existing conditions, end prescription drug discounts for seniors, and take medical coverage away from thousands of children. 


The Post-Dispatch endorsement follows the St. Louis American endorsement of Rich Finneran last week. The American editorial board called Finneran, “one of the most highly qualified candidates ever to seek the office.” The ringing endorsement ended with “at this critical and unprecedented time for our city, state and country, there is no person better qualified to bring the changes we need to our justice system and rid the Attorney General’s Office of the disruptive and distracting partisanship that has slowed our progress for far too long.


These endorsements follow AG Schmitt’s refusal to debate Finneran, leading voters deprived of critical information about Schmitt’s dangerous positions ahead of voting. Yesterday, Finneran released a statement challenging Schmitt to participate in two debates this month. Schmitt, who has never faced voters for this office, has yet to respond.


“As we speed towards Election Day, it’s increasingly clear why Rich Finneran is the candidate Missourians need to serve as their attorney general,” said Manfred Mecoy, Deputy Political Director at the Democratic Attorneys General Association. “Unlike his opponent, Rich will fight to protect health care protections for all Missourians, return integrity to the office, and remove partisan politics from decisions concerning public health and safety.”


ICYMI full St. Louis Post-Dispatch endorsement linked here and St. Louis American endorsement linked here.

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