More Anti-Semitic Comments from Arizona GOP Nominee for Attorney General

August 25, 2022

Forward Uncovers More Remarks from Controversial AG Candidate

Washington, DC — Arizona GOP Attorney General nominee Abe Hamadeh remains in hot water as Forward reported today about Hamadeh’s long history of dangerous, anti-Semitic rhetoric. They write, “Abraham Hamadeh wrote on an online message board that ‘Jews are influential and for the most part rich,’ and continues to promote conspiracy theories about George Soros, a Holocaust survivor.” 

In more recent disparaging remarks, “During this year’s primary, Hamadeh repeatedly assailed Jewish billionaire George Soros, who has been the target of antisemitic tropes and touted as a boogeyman by the far right. Earlier this month, Hamadeh shared a screenshot of a segment from Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox news about Soros. “It’s true. George Soros has destroyed our streets and turned our cities into Gotham,” Hamadeh wrote in a Aug. 5 tweet. “Here in Arizona, I’ll stop him.” In a June tweet, Hamadeh warned that “Soros is on the cusp of dominating Arizona.”

 Abraham Hamadeh, the Republican nominee for Arizona attorney general, has in the past invoked antisemitic tropes and advocated cutting U.S. funding to Israelthe Phoenix New Times reported on Tuesday. The comments are part of several controversial posts he published on an online message board dating back to 2007.”


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