More Silence from Georgia AG Chris Carr on Key 2022 Issues

August 26, 2022

No Comment Carr Offers Nothing on Abortion & Same-Sex Marriage Questions, Georgians Deserve Better

Washington, DC — When it comes to dodging questions on the issues Georgians care about, no one does it better than Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr. A series of recent local news reports has raised troubling questions about No Comment Carr’s silence.

Georgia’s six-week abortion ban has been in effect for over a month now as a direct result of AG Carr’s actions, and questions still remain about reproductive health care in the state. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shared Carr’s non-answer when asked if the law criminalizes helping patients leave the state for care. “A spokeswoman for Attorney General Chris Carr said, since the attorney general is responsible for defending the state’s laws, it is office policy to not interpret the law for the public.”

And his non-answers don’t get any better when asked about same-sex marriage. Axios Atlanta reports, “While all top statewide Democratic candidates in Georgia support protections for same-sex marriage and would support a repeal of the constitutional ban, Axios found differing positions on the Republican ticket: Incumbent Attorney General Chris Carr declined to provide his own position on the issue, but vowed to continue defending the state’s constitution.”

Georgians shouldn’t have to wonder whether their top legal officer will criminalize their actions to defend abortion access or if they’ll be able to marry the person they love. Georgians deserve better, they deserve answers.


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