More Than 12 Hours of Recorded Public Comments Prove Matt DePerno Can’t Be Trusted

September 22, 2022

MAGA Extremist Tampering with America’s Elections

Washington, DC — Trump-backed Michigan AG candidate Matt DePerno is on the front page of The Detroit News as more than 12 hours of recorded public comments revealed that “…the GOP candidate played a key role in a tabulator tampering scheme.” It’s becoming more and more clear that DePerno can’t be trusted.

“Matt DePerno and his closest allies repeatedly and publicly discussed examining voting tabulators last year and, on one occasion, the future Republican attorney general nominee described his team’s efforts as ‘a far more expansive operation than I can tell you about.’”

The Detroit News reviewed more than 12 hours of recorded public comments made by DePerno and his associates that amplify allegations leveled by Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office that the GOP candidate played a key role in a tabulator tampering scheme.”

In DePerno’s own words, “Many of the remarks, reported for the first time, reveal DePerno and his allies taking credit for a team that analyzed voting equipment in Michigan and attempting to use the work to raise money. In one newly surfaced video, DePerno told a crowd he ‘put together a team of experts’ who ‘spent months looking at these machines, studying them, telling us how they run.’”

“In an April 2021 podcast interview, DePerno described his group as a ‘team of misfits, running around the woods’ like Robin Hood. During that interview, DePerno also detailed how the group gained physical access to an Election Systems & Software tabulator and discovered a modem inside a machine that state officials say they shouldn’t have had access to.” 

Matt DePerno scammed people out of nearly $400,000 to fund his illegal scheme to tamper with our elections. He can’t be trusted.


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