MSNBC Highlights AG Rob Bonta’s Support of Biden Executive Order on Gun Violence Prevention

March 16, 2023

Washington, DC — Yesterday, California Attorney General Rob Bonta was on MSNBC twice to discuss how President Biden’s new Executive Order to reduce gun violence will keep communities safe and save lives. Democratic AGs have been leaders on gun safety in their states, and this Executive Order adds to their work in keeping Americans safe.

On MSNBC’s Morning JoeCalifornia AG Bonta said, “The bottom line for California is we have done most of these things, if not all of them for a long time.” He continues, “Essentially, if every state and the federal government followed the blueprint that California has set forth, thousands of lives would be saved.”

In the second segment, AG Bonta continued to speak on how President Biden’s Executive Order is evidence-based and will save lives. AG Bonta said, “This is massive what the President has proposed here and what he has done through his Executive Order because it provides a nationwide floor of gun safety policies that will apply everywhere. Right now, we have various states with different approaches, and the executive order is full of evidence-based, data-based approaches that we know work.”


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