July 15, 2020

In case you missed it, Republican AG candidate and former Montana Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen appeared yesterday on Northwest Liberty News to talk about how there is a battle raging between “liberty and tyranny.”

This show, and host James White, have a history of playing fast and loose with the facts and pushing out dangerous conspiracy theories and easily debunked lies. The radio show’s twitter bio even contains a popular slogan for the QAnon movement: WWG1GA. Additionally, the site:

  • Promotes the “QAnon” conspiracy theory: a theory that involved followers believing politicians and A-list celebrities work together to engage with child sex abuse, and that there is a “deep state” effort to annihilate President Trump.
  • Promotes the “Oathkeepers”: a well-known far right extremist militia organization seeking to “keep their oath” of defending the U.S. Constitution and borders; and
  • Promoted the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory: a dangerous conspiracy theory that led to an armed individual showing up and threatening a family pizza restaurant in the DC area.

During the interview, Republican AG nominee Austin Knudsen, who does not have a medical background, said health officials have been given “dangerous” power. [3:30 mark]

Knudsen went even further in questioning medical experts again saying he has a “problem” with telling people they have to wear a mask. [4:00 mark]

Wearing a mask is a key component to combating the spread of COVID-19. In fact, Montana leaders from both sides of the aisle came together to promote mask wearing through the campaign “Mask Up Montana.”

Montanans deserve to know: Does Austin Knudsen stand with Montanans (including leaders from both sides of the aisle) working to protect public safety or does he stand with fringe conspiracy theorists and their dangerous, debunked theories that have actually harmed people?

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