Veterans Condemn Austin Knudsen for Anti-Public Lands Platform & Disrespect for Vets

September 9, 2020

DAGA Drops First Video in Veterans’ Series Focused on Republican AG nominee Austin Knudsen’s Anti-Public Lands Platform and His Role in Blocking Public Access to a Veterans’ Park


WASHINGTON, D.C.— Today, the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) released the first installment of a veterans’ video series focused on the importance of public lands to Montana voters and Montana veterans. The first video features Spencer Keck, a Combat Corpsman who served in the Persian Gulf War and Afghanistan, sharing his perspective on Republican AG nominee Austin Knudsen’s role in blocking veterans from accessing an American Legion park near the Knudsen family ranch in Culbertson. In the video testimonial, Keck says “It angers me that Austin Knudsen is blocking access to veterans and their families [to] the American Legion Park in Culbertson.” The video follows sharp criticism of Republicans across the country for disrespecting the military and veterans following numerous reports detailing President Trump’s history of disparaging the intelligence of service members and showing disdain for wounded veterans.

The video of Keck closes with an appeal to voters to support Democrat Raph Graybill for Montana Attorney General. Keck ends by saying, “I have spoken at length many times to Raph Graybill, and I know that he supports and respects veterans. And that he also believes in protecting public lands for public access. A vote for Raph Graybill is a vote for saving public lands for all of us.”

“As someone from a military family, the disrespect for Montana’s veterans and public lands by Austin Knudsen should be disqualifying for any candidate, regardless of party,” said Brandon Richards, DAGA National Press Secretary. “These men and women sacrificed so much to protect our freedoms, and now Knudsen is actively taking away their freedom to access the respite of Montana’s public lands.”

“Montanans, and especially veterans, deserve an Attorney General who will fight for them,” added Richards. “Only one candidate—Raph Graybill—has a plan to protect Montana’s public lands.”

This video is the first installment in a series of veteran testimonials focused on the importance of public lands for Montana voters and the stark contrast between state Attorney General candidates. For a full interview with Spencer Keck, please check out the link here.


  • Austin Knudsen’s family is currently being sued for personally blocking access to a veterans’ park near his family’s ranch in Culbertson.
  • Austin Knudsen wants to sell and cut off public access to sacred Montana public land. Knudsen voted to cut access to land used for hunting and recreation, and he believes in privatizing federally protected land.
  • Raph Graybill has released a detailed plan on how he would use the office of Attorney General to protect access to public lands.

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