Nasty Primary: PA GOP Backs Radical Dave Sunday for AG, Opponent Comes Out Swinging

January 23, 2024

Washington, DC — Trying—and failing—to avoid a messy primary, the Pennsylvania Republican Party has officially thrown its support behind Dave Sunday for Attorney General. But there’s still at least one other Republican extremist on the ballot, who’s coming out swinging at his opponent.

Statement from Emily Trifone, DAGA’s Deputy Communications Director:

“Republicans tried and failed to avoid a nasty primary, and are already showing voters how chaotic the AG’s office would be under their leadership. Radical Dave Sunday is out of touch with Pennsylvanians and unfit to be AG. We look forward to protecting this seat in November.”

As the Philadelphia Inquirer reports, “Sunday won’t be the only Republican on the ballot, however. A third candidate — State Rep. Craig Williams (R., Delaware) — withdrew from the GOP endorsement process and decided to run without the party’s nod. And he’s already swinging at his opponent, calling him a Democrat and comparing him to progressive Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner.”

“‘I knew then there was no way I was bowing to a George-Soros DA,’ Williams said in a statement Monday.”

“‘It’s Harrisburg insiders, Harrisburg lobbyists, who have their thumbs on the scale, trying to pick one guy over another,’ Williams told The Inquirer last year.”


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