NEW: Interested Parties Memo, Poll Show Kris Kobach in Trouble

November 2, 2022

Kobach Being Outraised by Political Newcomer in Final Stretch

Washington, DC — Stop us when you heard this before: Kris Kobach is in trouble. Not the same trouble his former employer is in, but you get the idea.

A new Interested Parties Memo from Democratic nominee for Kansas Attorney General Chris Mann’s campaign shows major momentum for him with just days until Election Day.

new poll from Emerson College, which FiveThirtyEight ranks at an A- on reliability, showed Kansas Democratic nominee for Attorney General Chris Mann ahead in the race against far-right extremist Kris Kobach for the first time in the cycle. The two remain in a statistical tie with a 3-point margin of error, but Mann leads by a single point, 44 to 43.

Mann’s memo also highlights his fundraising advantage over Kobach, with Mann raising $952K and Kobach only raising $456K. Mann even has more cash on hand than Kobach.

With just six days to go until Election Day, it’s clear the momentum is with Chris Mann’s campaign for AG. Mann, a retired police officer, former national chair of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and a former prosecutor, has built a campaign that will finally end Kris Kobach’s political career for good.



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