NEW: Wisconsin GOP AG Nominee Has Low Conviction Rate for Domestic Violence

October 31, 2022

Eric Toney Has Failed to Keep Wisconsin Safe

Washington, DC — On Friday, UpNorthNews in Wisconsin reported that prosecution data showed GOP Attorney General candidate Eric Toney has a history of low conviction rates in domestic violence cases. Toney has failed as District Attorney in Fond du Lac to keep Wisconsinites safe.

“The Republican candidate for state attorney general is leading with a traditional ‘tough on crime’ message, but figures on annual reports indicate Eric Toney, the Fond du Lac Co. district attorney, badly trails his counterparts when it comes to prosecuting felony cases of domestic abuse.”

The story continues, “The reports show that in many cases, Toney and his subordinates allowed defendants to plead down to misdemeanors, often leading only to probation or fines—while other defendants were able to plead to reduced charges because Toney did not seek retrials after initial domestic violence convictions were overturned.”

“According to records, in Toney’s first six years as district attorney, 48% of domestic abuse cases that came to his office were not prosecuted or resulted in no conviction. There were more than 1,000 domestic abuse cases that Toney chose not to prosecute. Of the 428 cases that Toney prosecuted as felonies, only 20% resulted in felony convictions. The rest were reduced to misdemeanors or suspended sentences.”

“Among the cases is that of a mother who in 2014 was charged with beating her children, withholding food, and locking them in a bathroom, allowing them to come out only once per day. The woman faced 11 counts of intentional child abuse and neglect resulting in bodily harm. Toney offered a plea deal that dropped nine of the 11 charges and resulted in nine months of jail time. The woman’s husband, charged with allowing the abuse to occur, received only probation.”

Wisconsinites cannot trust Eric Toney to keep them safe. Attorney General Josh Kaul is the clear choice for public safety this November.



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