North Carolina AG Josh Stein Joins MSNBC on Democracy, Abortion and Voting Rights

May 15, 2023

As GOP-led NC Supreme Court Further Erodes Voting Rights

Washington, DC — Last month, in three cases, the GOP-controlled North Carolina Supreme Court took its latest step in ‘undoing decades of democracy.’ North Carolina AG Josh Stein joined MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin to discuss how his role as AG is at the center of the fight for freedoms. AG Josh Stein tells MSNBC, “We’re at a troubling moment here in North Carolina, we’re at the center of our fight for freedoms whether it’s reproductive freedoms or folks’ voting rights.” 


AG Stein outlines the implications for voters in his state, “…the only thing that changed from that decision in December to today is an election, and two new justices were seated to the North Carolina Supreme Court. So the Republican legislators petitioned the court to get that decision reconsidered. That was a radical request because usually when courts reconsider decisions that they’ve made it’s because there’s been a change in the law for the U.S. Supreme Court or some severe factual misunderstanding by the court in need of correction.” He continues, “Neither of those things happened. The only thing that happened was two Republican justices took their seats. It’s an absolute offense to the rule of law that they have thrown out the old decision and now empowered our Republican supermajorities to engage in the most brazen partisan gerrymandering here in North Carolina.”

When asked about his 2024 race to be North Carolina’s Governor, AG Stein said, “I am all in to win this race because I want to be there for the people of North Carolina and ensure that they have the right to live their lives the way that they want. Not have Republican politicians in Raleigh dictate how they go about their lives.”


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