Heather Heidelbaugh’s History of Choosing Special Interests Over PA Families Exposed

September 4, 2020

NEW MICROSITE Details Heather Heidelbaugh’s Deep Ties to Special Interests Like Big Oil & Gas and Big Insurance Companies


WASHINGTON, D.C.— Today, the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) released a new microsite exposing Republican AG candidate Heather Heidelbaugh’s deep ties to special interests with a history of harming Pennsylvania families. Heidelbaugh jumped from law firm to law firm, eager to represent special interests like Big Oil & Gas, Big Coal, and Big Insurance companies all at the expense of Pennsylvanians’ health and safety. She is also attempting to curry favor with special interest-approved politicians and schmoozing at luxurious out-of-state resorts with lobbyists.

“It’s no surprise Heather Heidelbaugh earned a reputation for being a hack lawyer. Her history of protecting special interests over Pennsylvania families is a serious concern for voters heading into November,” said Farah Melendez, Political Director of the Democratic Attorneys General Association. “People are looking for leadership during this time of economic and public health crises, not someone like Heidelbaugh who repeatedly worked against Pennsylvania families and continues to prop up her campaign with contributions from these same special interests.”

DAGA will run a five-figure digital ad campaign across Pennsylvania drawing attention to Heidelbaugh’s history of defending special interests instead of Commonwealth families. The microsite can be found here.



Big Oil, Gas & Coal— Heidelbaugh represented Big Oil & Gas as they sought to drill on personal property, and later represented coal companies in their attempts to evade conservation fees.” [LINK]

Big Insurance— Heidelbaugh repeatedly represented Big Insurance companies to protect their interests over every day Pennsylvanians. [LINK]

Bad Politics— Heidelbaugh is propping up her failing campaign with cash from underwater U.S. Senator Pat Toomey who is worried about his political future. This is ironic since in the past, it’s been Heidelbaugh propping up Toomey’s campaigns to the tune of $12,000. Heidelbaugh also recently traveled out-of-state to schmooze with politicians and special interests at a luxury resort, despite the COVID-19 risk it would pose to Pennsylvanians upon her return. [LINK]


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