Phoenix New Times: “Abe Hamadeh Has Trouble Following Arizona Election Law — Again”

August 30, 2022

Second Election Law Story Follows Week of Bad Press on Hamadeh’s Anti-Semitic Comments, Mysterious Family History

Washington, DC — Abe Hamadeh’s streak of no good, very bad press continues as Phoenix New Times revealed that “Hamadeh filed a campaign disclosure that misstated his income and omitted required details about businesses he owned.” They write, “It’s the latest example in which the Trump-endorsed Hamadeh has skirted Arizona law as he tries to convince voters to make him the state’s top legal officer.”

As these disturbing stories continue, Arizonans must be asking themselves – what else is Abe Hamadeh hiding?

Hamadeh’s response to the missing items in the legal document he signed in March ’under penalty of perjury’? He was busy and admitted the document was wrong.”

 “Last week, Phoenix New Times unearthed evidence of Hamadeh boasting as a teenager about committing voter fraud and making antisemitic and sexist rants.”

“In the financial disclosure statement, filed with the Arizona Secretary of State on March 17, Hamadeh claimed his total income was less than $1,000 from April 2021 to March 2022. But Hamadeh worked in the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office until October 1, 2021, one month before he announced his campaign. He was compensated to the tune of $63,086, according to county records.”

The financial disclosure statement omitted a few other important details, “When asked to disclose ‘the name and address of each business, organization, trust or nonprofit organization in which you … held any office, position, or fiduciary relationship,’ Hamadeh answered, ‘N/A.’”

Hamadeh also inaccurately asserted in the disclosure statement that he does not control any businesses. Hamadeh is listed as the sole member for two active limited liability companies — WRA Properties in Scottsdale and Ham Advisors in Tucson, according to the Arizona Corporation Commission.”

A month after Hamadeh filed his original statement and 10 days after the mandatory filing deadline, he sent an amended statement to the Secretary of State’s office. The amended disclosure includes his Army compensation, but still leaves out the money he earned in the county attorney’s office as well as his board membership, businesses, and property.



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