POD SAVE AMERICA: Democratic AGs are the “firmest pillar of our democracy”

May 20, 2019

“Attorneys General all across this nation, but most importantly Democratic Attorneys General, have been the firmest pillar of our democracy.” – New York Attorney General Tish James during Pod Save America’s tour stop in Brooklyn, New York.

AG James joined Pod Save America last week to highlight the work she (and other Democratic AGs) are leading to hold Trump and others wrong-doers accountable as well as protect the people in their states.

 “…we have been active in filing lawsuits from the beginning of time from DACA to protecting immigrants, protecting the EPA, standing up for the LGBT community, standing up for women and Title X, the opioid crisis, standing up for standards in school lunch. The list goes on and on and on. Each and every day I wake up, I go to the office, I find out what he decided to rescind, or repeal and I sue him, and I go home.”

Host Tommy Vietor also asked AG James about what makes the state Office of Attorneys General uniquely positioned to fight back in cases like the 2020 Census and the Trump administrations inclusion of the citizenship question.

“So we argued in front of the Supreme Court about two-weeks ago…you have to laugh to keep from crying because the justification that [the Administration] used was that they wanted information to enforce the voting rights act like as if they care about the voting rights act…what will happen to New York and why this is so important is 1)  immigrants tonight are hiding in the shadows, 2) because it’s going to have an impact on reapportionment. There is a possibility in New York State, we may lose not one but two Congressional districts, and 3) we will lose federal funding for districts…particularly in marginalized and vulnerable populations.”

She also elevated her perspective on the dangerous abortion restrictions making their way through the states like the recent six-week abortion ban passed in Alabama.

“…you were talking about Alabama and I will not allow anyone to silence the voice of women and close Planned Parenthood… It’s important for everyone to know it’s our body and our choices. I am confident that the radical law they signed will be declared unconstitutional…but they are chipping away at Roe v. Wade and all of us have got to respond.”

For the full interview, which begins at the 58:30 mark, check out the link here!

BONUS CONTENT: The recently launched investigation by AG James into the National Rifle Association and its non-profit status was highlighted in the latest episode of Netflix’s The Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj titled, “The NRA’s Global Impact” and can be viewed here!


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