PODCAST PLAYLIST: Democratic AGs Leading the Way

June 10, 2019

Boom! Lawyered Asks DAGA Co-Chair Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum “What’s It Like to Sue the Trump Administration?”


Pod Save The PeopleCatches Up with New Mexico AG Hector Balderas on the Role AGs Play in the Border Debate


Democratic Attorney General Association Co-Chair Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum sits down with Boom! Lawyered’s Jessica Pieklo with ReWire.News to discuss the work Democratic Attorneys General are doing to protect our democracy, AG Rosenblum’s leadership on Title X, the teamwork among the 27 Democratic AGs, and AG Rosenblum’s love of showtunes.

“We’ve been very successful going to the courts.”; “How does it feel? It kind of feels pretty good actually”

AG Rosenblum
also touched on why it’s important for people to stay activated and pay attention:

“I think that it’s great that there has been so much activism in the sense of people finding something to do that makes them feel like they are contributing.”

“The thing I don’t want to see is total burnout to the point where people no longer care. We cannot afford that. We have to keep fighting. We have to keep at it. The state Attorneys General, the Democratic Attorneys General will keep doing that for the people, but it’s really important that we have your back and you have ours as we move this along and try to keep things from getting so bad that we can’t ever recover.”

You can listen to the whole interview on the most recent episode of Boom! Lawyered here!

New Mexico AG Hector Balderas
, who is a member of the Democratic Attorneys General Association Executive Committee, sat down with Pod Save the People’s DeRay McKesson to highlight his leadership on immigration as a Democratic AG in a border state and his take on how Democratic AGs are working together to protect the people, the planet, and our future.

We really are the people’s attorney.”

“We’ve had to sue the president multiple times for rollbacks in environmental protections. We’ve had to sue the president for discriminatory practices in the census, picking out individuals and asking whether or not they are lawful in this country could be a violation going all the way up to the supreme court. Some of the more prominent ones are we’ve sued the president for the travel ban, we sued the president for misusing federal funds to try to attempt to build this wall on the border.”

So, we’re really been at the forefront of really trying to protect American interests and national security which is unconventional cause most people think that those federal oversight powers reside in the congress or simply with federal courts and that’s not the case.”

Some of the state AGs across this country have been trailblazers in this fight.”

When asked by DeRay about the role of state Attorney General, AG Balderas said:

“It’s a very, very powerful position depending on how you use the law and so it is really, the way I describe it, the shield and the sword of the rule of law for the citizens of each state…”

You can listen to the whole interview with New Mexico AG Balderas (note the 28:30 mark) here!

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