Polarizing Kris Kobach Is Losing Ground in Kansas

October 5, 2022

GOP Leaning Group Endorses Democratic Opponent Chris Mann

Washington, DC — Trump-backed Kris Kobach is trying to make a comeback as Kansas Attorney General, but his odds aren’t looking good. Kobach is vulnerable and losing ground fast, even among his own party. His Democratic opponent, Chris Mann, recently earned the endorsement from the Kansas Livestock Association, a traditionally GOP-supporting group. KCUR underscored Kobach’s flawed campaign, writing, “But in a state where Republicans dominate, Kobach is in many ways campaigning against himself and how some Kansas voters love to loathe him.”

“His opponent, Democrat Chris Mann, has kept the race close by capitalizing on anti-Kobach sentiment and focusing on the traditionally bland state issues the state’s lawyer normally concentrates on. He’s also touting his background as a former police officer, one-time prosecutor and a private attorney.” 

“Groups that almost always back Republicans are drifting away, leaving the reliably conservative candidate to see if he can win mostly on his own.”

Kobach is a huge liability and Kansans will reject him for a third time come November.


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