POLITICO Recast Power List: New York AG Tish James

March 31, 2023

POLITICO: “New York’s Tish James Is No Stranger to Holding Powerful Entities Accountable”

Washington, DC — New York Attorney General Tish James is no stranger to tough fights and she’s relentless in her pursuit of justice because ‘No one is above the law.’ Today, POLITICO’s Recast Power List highlighted AG Tish James as part of the 40 most powerful people on race, culture, policy and politics in America. POLITICO writes, “James’ office has been among the most relentless at prosecuting Trump and his companies for alleged business improprieties. She has withstood ad hominem attacks from Trump and his GOP allies, who accused her in court of running a politically motivated investigation.” 

“Even in the face of intense resistance, she managed to secure a deposition from him and two of his children — though the former president reportedly pleaded the Fifth Amendment hundreds of times during his session.”

“But she’s most proud of her work prosecuting opioid manufacturers and companies that create parts for ghost guns, firearms without serial numbers that can often be assembled at home using 3D printing.”

But, AG James isn’t done — “Going into 2023, James says some of her chief priorities are protecting New York’s status as a haven for abortion care, tackling illegal guns and pursuing environmental justice initiatives.”


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