Racist, Misogynist Ted Nugent Campaigns Alongside Michigan GOP Candidate

August 27, 2018

Racist, Misogynist Ted Nugent Campaigns Alongside Michigan GOP AG Candidate Tom Leonard

On Saturday at the convention, Michigan Republicans chose House Speaker Tom Leonard as their nominee to attempt to take on Dana Nessel for attorney general. On Friday, Ted Nugent– known for his racist, misogynist, and bigoted beliefs—campaigned for Leonard at his pre-convention party.

Nugent has quite the track record of proudly saying things like women deserve to be raped, using the N word on a regular basis, spouting anti-Semitic views, and publicly noting his desire to shoot people—including President Obama.

Yet, this blunt racism and misogyny didn’t stop Tom Leonard from having Nugent as the special guest at his event.

Here is just a short list of some of Ted Nugent’s misogyny and racism:

  • Nugent believes anyone who isn’t willing to shoot someone in self-defense “deserve to be raped.” In a 2009 Texas Monthly, they included Nugents comments to WRIF-FM Radio in Detroit where he said, “Anybody that doesn’t think it is better to blow someone’s brains out than be raped deserves to be raped! If you don’t think your life is worth it, then please go out there, don’t wear any underpants, and get raped! Cause you deserve it!”
  • On Facebook, Nugent pushes disturbing anti-Semitic views including once posting a picture of Holocaust victims and remarked, “Soulless sheep to slaughter.” Not to mention, he’s supported a  conspiracy theory about Israel being responsible for 9/11, and he seems to be really into Nazi comparisons.
  • Nugent is known for using phrases to describe women as “cunt”, “worthless whore”, and “bitch.”
  • He’s also made misogynist comments about the role of women in connection to his obsession with firearms including “men prefer guns over women,” “A gun doesn’t mind if you go to sleep after you use it,” and, “You can buy a silencer for a gun.
  • Nugent often praises the use of the N-word and proudly states that he “continue[s] to use the word n***er at one time or another.”

Thankfully, Dana Nessel leads Leonard already in the polls, but this should be an alarm bell for Michigan voters.  This kind of misogynistic, racist influence has no place in the office of the Michigan Attorney General—and neither does Tom Leonard.

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