RECKLESS REPUBLICAN AGs & AG Candidates Schmooze While COVID-19 Continues to Surge

August 24, 2020

While millions of Americans continue to struggle financially, emotionally and physically due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Republican AGs and AG candidates from across the country are schmoozing and partying at an out-of-state, in-person ritzy fundraiser at a Republican Attorneys General Association conference.

Over the weekend, Republican AGs and Republican AG candidates gathered off the coast of Georgia to attend fundraisers. These parties occurred over the same weekend that Georgia surpassed more than 252,000 COVID cases including nearly 100 new deaths in 24 hours.

This risky, alarming behavior raises serious questions about these Republican AGs and candidates, especially given their attacks on safety protocols and access to health care throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Did they adhere to social distancing?
  • Did they wear masks?
  • Are they self-quarantining upon returning to their respective states?

The Republican AG candidates in attendance included Austin Knudsen (MT), Todd Rokita (IN), Heather Heidelbaugh (PA) and Jim O’Neill (NC). The risky behavior even prompted the Indiana Democratic Party to call on Rokita to quarantine and get tested upon his return to the state.

Republican AGs and AG candidates are not only putting themselves at risk; they continue to balk at the Trump administration’s public health guidelines and to promote policies that put people in harm’s way.

  • Republican AGs continue to advocate for liability protection for businesses. This would allow businesses to force employees back to work in unsafe working conditions and employees would not be able to hold those companies accountable if they contract COVID.
  • Republican AGs are using taxpayer dollars to argue at the U.S. Supreme Court to end health care for 23+ million people and eliminate protections for 135+ million people with pre-existing conditions. And they are full steam ahead, global pandemic be damned.
  • Republican AGs and candidates continue to fight mask mandates that are proven to slow and stop the spread of COVID.

For more on the dangerous, risky actions and behavior by Republican AGs watch this video.


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