RECOUNT: Kris Mayes Will Win the Arizona AG Race

November 21, 2022

Washington, DC – Kris Mayes, the Democratic AG nominee, is leading this race by 510 votes heading into a recount.

Statement from Sean Rankin, President, Democratic Attorneys General Association:

“Kris Mayes leads by 510 votes. When Arizona recounts the votes next month, as the law requires it to do, Kris Mayes will hold her lead and win. The margin is too large for Abe Hamadeh to overcome, and we do not expect the vote count to substantially move. DAGA will follow our candidate’s lead, we have begun fundraising for this recount already, and we’re confident the Mayes campaign will have the resources it needs.

“This election was administered well with local officials engaging the public in a transparent fashion. While we await the results of this recount, we condemn Abe Hamadeh and Kari Lake’s conspiracy theories and reckless behavior: trying to incite their supporters into potentially dangerous action. Hamadeh tweeted the same phrase that Donald Trump used at the January 6th rally and has been pushing baseless conspiracy theories.”


Historically, recounts do not change the outcomes of the campaigns themselves, particularly when the lead is as large as Kris Mayes’.

In 2013, the Virginia Attorney General’s race came down to several hundred votes, one of the closest statewide races in the Commonwealth’s history. AG Mark Herring began the recount ahead, and his winning margin grew over time. Kris Mayes’ lead is more than 3 times as large as Mark Herring’s was in 2013.


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