Russell Coleman’s Far-Right Allies Don’t Believe Him on Abortion

October 12, 2023

Don’t Be Fooled: GOP KY AG Nominee is an Anti-Abortion Extremist

Washington, DC — As election day nears, the Kentucky GOP Attorney General nominee Russell Colman is running into chaos. Coleman has veered far off his message, and now his far-right anti-abortion allies are openly discussing whether his private answers as a candidate match his new (and unconvincing) position on abortion.

As the Louisville Courier Journal’s Joe Sonka reports, “Much like the ground has shifted on abortion policy since the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade last summer, so too have the positions and rhetoric of two key Republican candidates in Kentucky this year when it comes to exceptions for the state’s near-total ban on abortion.”

Don’t be fooled. As Courier Journal reports, Coleman “gave ‘100% ProLife Responses’ to the Kentucky Right to Life questionnaire and has expressed public support for the state’s abortion bans.”

“Republican Attorney General and gubernatorial nominee Daniel Cameron and GOP attorney general nominee Russell Coleman were both endorsed by major anti-abortion groups, appearing to tell Kentucky Right to Life in its questionnaire there should continue to be no exceptions for rape and incest in Kentucky’s abortion bans.”

“Another national anti-abortion group opposed to rape and incest exceptions that endorsed both candidates is Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America. Sue Swayze Leibel, the group’s director of policy affairs, was at a conference of social conservatives in Kentucky on Saturday, where the Lexington Herald Leader reported she slammed candidates who change their positions on abortion for political expediency. ‘Unfortunately, we’re seeing some reshuffling of the deck,’ Leibel said, seated next to Wuchner and state Rep. Nancy Tate, R-Brandenburg, a strong abortion opponent. ‘And we’re seeing some elected leaders who were staunchly pro-life before, reading the polls, or what they think the polls say, and some are watering down their views for political reasons.’”


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