South Carolina AG Alan Wilson calls price-gouging

September 26, 2018

South Carolina Republican Attorney General Alan Wilson is slow-boating complaints about at least 118 businesses for price gouging made by victims of Hurricane Florence.

According to The State, Wilson called price gouging “the normal effects of supply and demand.”  Wilson’s spokesperson said none of the complaints thus far were too egregious—but right now, there are too many people in South Carolina in need and there are rising prices for gas and other essentials.

And the trouble isn’t over. Hurricane Florence is still affecting South Carolina communities as rivers continue to crest and neighborhoods continue to flood.

Attorney General Alan Wilson is failing to do his job to protect consumers from those who would take advantage of this disaster. This is the latest in a shameful pattern by Wilson putting the interests of his wealthy donors and the powerful above the people of South Carolina; Wilson faces allegations that he tried to derail a public corruption investigation into GOP political operative Richard Quinn and his son, former state Rep. Rick Quinn – his political cronies.

South Carolina deserves an Attorney General who will stand up for consumers and the people. That is why Democratic Attorney General Candidate Constance Anastopoulo  (@EthicsAgain) is calling out Wilson for his inaction, and would hold price gougers accountable. The people of South Carolina will come first with Constance.

South Carolina voters have the opportunity to vote against AG Wilson’s inadequate response to the people’s needs this November. The people of South Carolina will come first with Constance Anastopoulo.

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