Statement from DAGA Co-Chairs on the Killing of George Floyd and Protests Around the Country

June 1, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C.—  The Democratic Attorneys General Association Co-Chairs Massachusetts AG Maura Healey and Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum released the following statement on the killing of George Floyd and the reports late Sunday that Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison will be taking a more prominent role in the prosecutions related to his death.

Statement from Massachusetts AG Maura Healey and Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum, Co-Chairs of the Democratic Attorneys General Association:

“We extend condolences to the family of George Floyd, and we stand in solidarity with the people of Minneapolis and across the country. We applaud the leadership of state, local, and community leaders, like our colleague Attorney General Keith Ellison. As he takes on a more prominent role in the investigations and prosecutions related to Mr. Floyd’s death, we trust justice will be vigorously pursued.”

“As a nation, we grieve for George Floyd and we are outraged by the racial injustice and police brutality that his death—and the deaths of so many others—represents. As we confront these challenging times and acknowledge the noxious historical context behind Mr. Floyd’s killing, we must also commit to fixing the broken systems that were built to reinforce such marginalization and racism.”

“As the people’s attorneys across the country, we hear the people speaking now. They are telling us that waiting for change to happen is untenable. Real leaders do not sow division or deflect blame onto others– rather, they accept uncomfortable truths and work to bring communities together to confront and address them. As chief legal officers, our criminal justice powers vary from state to state, yet we stand united in our commitment to fight for justice and equality to the fullest extent.”

“We acknowledge and share the frustrations that have led to protests throughout the country. We urge people to continue to focus their anger with peaceful protests and with advocating for change. And importantly, we urge people to use their power at the polls to support leaders who will do the same. If we want to see real change in this country, it will take the commitment of all of us.” 

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