Teen Vogue Sits Down with New York AG James to Talk Abortion, Midterms

October 18, 2022

Washington, DC — Today, Teen Vogue shared a powerful interview with New York AG Tish James, where she discusses the role state attorneys general play in protecting abortion access, as well as the importance of sharing her own abortion story that she first shared at a rally following the leak of the Dobbs decision. AG James told Teen Vogue“Sometimes you’ve got to lead by example. And sometimes you’ve got to share your story and not be afraid to say the word ‘abortion.’”

When asked about the power that attorneys general have in protecting abortion, she said, “We will continue to defend the rights of women and other vulnerable and marginalized populations. We’ve done it before, we’ll continue to do it — which is why attorney general races are so critically important, particularly in light of the fact that we may have a divided federal government.”

AG James continued, “It’ll be up to the states, and that’s why we need to elect more Democratic attorneys general. So I urge all of your readers to pay special attention to the reelection of Dana Nessel in Michigan, Josh Kaul in Wisconsin, Aaron Ford in Nevada, and Keith Ellison in Minnesota. And I would hope that we could change Georgia from red to blue — or, I should say, light red to light blue — by electing Jen Jordan there, and then also Rochelle Garza in Texas. I hope that we will elect the first African American woman attorney general in Massachusetts by voting for Andrea Campbell.”

AG James is courageous and has always fought for the rights of New Yorkers. Like AG James, Democratic AGs and candidates are running to protect abortion access across the country for the people in their states.


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