Texas Dem AG Nominee Rochelle Garza Earning Major National Attention After Ken Paxton’s Call to Arm Teachers

June 3, 2022

CNN, MSNBC, CBS Highlighting Her Campaign in Wake of Deadly Shooting and Paxton’s Failures

Washington, DC — Rochelle Garza, the Democratic nominee for Attorney General in Texas, joined CNN, MSNBC, and CBS following the devastating shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas that killed 19 children and 2 teachers. Garza powerfully discussed the change that’s needed in the Texas AG’s office after AG Ken Paxton offered worthless “solutions” to combat gun violence in this country.

Garza joined Ali Velshi on MSNBC last week and responded to AG Paxton’s “solution” that we need more people with guns, including teachers. In response, Garza said that it is “absolutely the wrong solution. Ken Paxton has not given us any sort of help for these communities…We need to do better. We need to have better policies that are here to protect communities because we can’t go on like this.”

“I come from a family of public school teachers, and I know that the solution isn’t to arm them. We need to make schools safer. And Ken Paxton is too busy worrying about his indictment, his FBI investigation, to actually come up with solutions that are going to help people,” Garza shared.

Garza also spoke with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on the shooting and what else needs to happen in Texas to create real change. “We need to do better. We need to have a better response to these issues, but even more than that, we need to have stricter gun laws. We need to ensure that the legislature takes action now. We’ve called for the Texas legislature to have a special session before school starts again in the fall and we need to start passing laws that are going to prevent things like this from occurring again. Red flag laws, background checks, these are all the things that are going to start protecting people in the State of Texas. That’s what we need to focus on,” shared Garza.

“We need to change our leaders right now, and we need to hold our leadership accountable for their inaction,” Garza said. “We have an election coming up in November, and we’re going to vote these folks out because enough is enough. Texas is tired. The entire country is tired of seeing things like this occur, and we need to stop it now.

Yesterday, Garza joined CBS News Mornings and talked about families who lost their children deserve to have answers about what occurred, and further responded to AG Paxton’s “solution.” “I think it’s ridiculous to arm more folks. Ken Paxton, our current Attorney General, his solution is to arm more teachers, teachers that are already overworked and underpaid, and that is not their responsibility. That is not something that they should have to take care of in addition to taking care of our children and educating them,” Garza said.

As Attorney General, Garza will work to keep Texas kids and families safe by using her office to help address common sense solutions to our gun violence epidemic.


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