Texas Republicans in Chaos Over Attorney General Seat

November 9, 2021

Candidates Acting Like It’s Their First Rodeo as Accusations, Negative Attacks Fly Inside Texas GOP 

Washington, DC — If you’ve been following the heated GOP primary in the Attorney General race in the Lone Star State, it’s been an exciting week. And if you haven’t, let us fill you in.

Texas Republicans can’t seem to get their house in order, according to the candidates themselves. Candidate for AG George P. Bush warned Republican voters this week that a Democrat will win the AG seat if Attorney General Paxton gets the GOP nomination. As Bush shared, “‘I remind my fellow Republicans that one thing they need to think about is that Ken was the lowest vote-getter, with the securities fraud charges four years ago. This time around he will not win, because he’s facing corruption and bribery charges. Imagine having a Democrat AG with a Democrat president and what that means for Texas politics.’” 

Now, scandal-ridden embarrassment Congressman Louie Gohmert is signaling he’s looking to get in the race. Yes — that Louie Gohmert. The one who did this. And this.

Statement from David Sanchez, National Political Director, Democratic Attorneys General Association:

“As they say, everything’s bigger in Texas. I should know, it’s my home state. And when it comes to the race for the Texas AG seat, these GOP candidates do not disappoint on the big mess of a primary they’ve created. The GOP Primary is turning into a Texas-sized embarrassment for the Republican Party.

“The reality is that we can imagine exactly what it would be like having a Democratic AG in Texas. It means that Texans would have a People’s Lawyer who will hold the powerful accountable and work to keep neighborhoods safe. It would mean having an AG that would refuse to defend one of the most extreme abortion bans this country has ever seen in their own state. That sounds like the better, brighter state that Texans deserve.”


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