“The Battle to Protect America’s Kids Is Falling to the States”

May 9, 2023

North Carolina AG Josh Stein Joins Morning Joe to Discuss How Democratic AGs Are Taking Action

Washington, DC — As the U.S. is on record pace for mass killings, driven by gun violence, and Congressional Republicans failing to ban assault weapons, Democratic Attorneys General are moving aggressively on key policy issues, including common sense gun measures. Today, North Carolina AG Josh Stein joined MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss how he is taking action in his state to protect children against gun violence.


North Carolina AG Josh Stein tells MSNBC Morning Joe, “There is widespread consensus that dangerous, violent people should not have guns. And that’s why we have comprehensive background check systems. That’s why we have red-flag laws to take guns away from people who pose a risk to themselves and to others. And that’s why kids who can’t buy a beer, who can’t buy a cigarette, but can buy an AR-15 should not be able to until they are 21 years old.”

AG Stein continues, “There are so many sensible things like safe storage laws that if we enacted here in North Carolina, they wouldn’t solve this gun problem, but they would have a measurable impact on reducing the number of people who are dying gun deaths. We have a Republican General Assembly that seems to be completely captured by those who want to have guns everywhere. And I am all for the Second Amendment. These two ideas respecting the Second Amendment and keeping guns [out of] violent people’s hands are in no way inconsistent.”


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