Third Time Is Not the Charm: Dan Bishop and Jim Jordan Fail Again

October 20, 2023

Bishop Complicit in House’s Failures

Washington, DC — For more than two weeks, the House of Representatives has been paralyzed – and Dan Bishop, who is running for North Carolina Attorney General next year, has been front and center. Bishop backed Jim Jordan for Speaker – despite Jordan’s embarrassing losses on the floor and blowback from swing-district House Republicans.

Jordan is a dangerous figure in Congress who has an extreme agenda, including leading the fight for a national abortion ban and Donald Trump’s fight in Congress to overturn the 2020 election. Even law enforcement officers who have seen Jim Jordan up close are rejecting him.

Statement from Emily Trifone, DAGA’s Deputy Communications Director:

“The third time was not the charm for Dan Bishop and Jim Jordan. Bishop’s losing streak and devotion to chaos and dysfunction show just how unfit he is to be North Carolina’s Attorney General.”


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