Tom Miller Comes Out On Top in Iowa AG Debate: Stark Difference Between Candidates

October 11, 2022

GOP Opponent Brenna Bird Too Extreme for Iowa

Washington, DC — In the Iowa Attorney General debate this past weekend, AG Tom Miller clearly laid out why Iowans will re-elect him this November. His GOP opponent Brenna Bird showed she’s too extreme for Iowa.

From fighting the opioid epidemic to supporting reproductive health care, AG Miller reminded voters how he’s been working for Iowans for decades and how he’ll continue to keep Iowa families safe. On the other hand, Brenna Bird is more concerned about fighting partisan battles that don’t help Iowans, while AG Miller is showcasing his track record protecting Iowa’s seniors, consumers and children.

Bird also wants to see abortion banned in Iowa, and would work in court to make it happen. As Des Moines Register reported, “Bird has praised the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. At the time of the court’s ruling in June, she said ‘life is on the ballot in 2022.’ She said during the debate that she would defend the ‘heartbeat’ law, and any others passed by the Iowa Legislature.”

“Moderators also asked the candidates what role the attorney general has in keeping dangerous drugs out of Iowans’ hands. Miller pointed to the lawsuits his office has pursued against opioid manufacturers, which he says will net Iowa $225 million to invest in treatment and prevention.”

Bird is too extreme for Iowa and would be the Governor’s Lawyer. AG Miller will continue to be the People’s Lawyer and is the clear choice for re-election.


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