TOMORROW: Ken Paxton Gets His Bedminster Bailout

August 31, 2022

Vulnerable, Indicted Texas AG Runs to Trump for Bedminster Fundraiser to Keep Up with Garza’s Momentum

Washington, DC — Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is in trouble (again) – and tomorrow he’s running off for his Bedminster Bailout as Rochelle Garza closes in on him in the general election.

“Former President Donald Trump will hold a fundraiser at his golf course in New Jersey for Attorney General Ken Paxton who is in the middle of the most difficult re-election campaign of his political career,” reports the Houston Chronicle. The desperate measure comes after Democratic AG Nominee Rochelle Garza outraised Paxton in the second quarter, and a recent poll shows “Attorney General Ken Paxton and his Democratic challenger, Rochelle Garza, are neck and neck.”

The fundraiser comes at an expensive price tag. “The dinner reception, to be held Sept. 1 at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, will be followed by an afterparty attended by Fox News commentators at a private residence, according to the invitation. Tickets start at $1,000. For $5,000, a couple can also get pictures at the event, and an ‘optional golf opportunity’ for $10,000.

“Paxton has long been a strong ally of Trump’s, having filed an unsuccessful lawsuit in December 2020 before the U.S. Supreme Court seeking to overturn President Joe Biden’s win in four battleground states.”

“The Texas State Bar has sued Paxton over that suit, saying he made ‘dishonest’ and ‘misleading’ statements about the existence of widespread voter fraud that could have affected the outcome of the election.”

Paxton’s legal woes don’t end there. As he seeks a third term in the November general election, the FBI is investigating a complaint accusing him of accepting bribes and abusing the power of his office that was filed by his former aides in the fall of 2020. The embattled Republican also faces unresolved felony securities fraud charges from a 2015 grand jury indictment.”

AG Paxton is in bad shape, and he knows it. Donald Trump can’t save him now.


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