Trump’s Big Lie AG Candidate Wins Michigan GOP Convention as Chaos Reigns

April 24, 2022

GOP in Turmoil as Supporters Question GOP’s General Election Viability

Washington, DC — Matt DePerno, Donald Trump’s endorsed candidate for Michigan Attorney General, won the Michigan GOP Convention’s endorsement yesterday. DePerno’s notorious track record of disproven conspiracy theories is crystal clear. As a Trump loyalist, he supports the Big Lie about the 2020 election and attended a rally where he further pushed dangerous lies that have contributed to the months-long disinformation campaign that continues to threaten our democracy.

Supporters of the Michigan Republican Party, including a former Michigan GOP Chair and Executive Director, are now openly questioning whether the party’s conspiracy theorist candidates are dooming the party in this fall’s general election and calling out the Convention for its chaotic and laughable voting process.

Former Michigan GOP Chair Laura Cox:

Current NRSC Political Director and former Michigan GOP Executive Director and long-time Michigan GOP consultant Stu Sandler:

Detroit News reporter Craig Mauger:


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