Uh-Oh: Georgia AG Chris Carr Draws a Trumpy Primary Opponent

March 11, 2022

Trump-Loving Candidate John Gordon Jumps in Georgia AG Race

Washington, DC — This week, another out-of-touch, far-right Republican entered the Attorney General race in Georgia, drawing a primary for current AG Chris Carr – who himself is pretty out-of-touch with Georgians.

The GOP seems to love a messy AG primary. First Texas, then Michigan and Nevada, now Georgia is well on its way to being next on the list of states where GOP AG challengers are racing to the right to secure support from former President Donald Trump and his allies.

As AJC’s Greg Bluestein says, AG Carr’s new primary challenge, John Gordon, is “a conservative lawyer angling for Donald Trump’s support.”

It doesn’t get clearer than that. Gordon will take on AG Carr, who’s out of touch with Georgians and known for his far-right positions — all to cater to Donald Trump’s base.We’ll get the popcorn ready as the GOP primary heats up in the Peach State.


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