During Today’s AG Debate, Reyes Can No Longer Dodge These Three Questions

October 21, 2020

Tonight, Utah Republican Attorney General Sean Reyes and Democratic candidate Greg Skordas will finally take to the debate stage in the only Utah AG debate this year. With Election Day less than two weeks away, and with voting well underway in Utah, Reyes has managed to avoid facing the people of Utah since the beginning of his candidacy. Tonight, Reyes must finally answer to Utah voters, who have months of unanswered questions. Voters need answers on the following:

  • The Utah AG debate was initially set to be held on October 1st—before voting began—but was moved to the 21st after Reyes claimed he would be in Hawaii for his father’s funeral. KSL investigators found that it is highly unlikely that Reyes was in Hawaii during that time period, and in fact held political events in the days prior and immediately after the original October 1st date. Where was Reyes on October 1st and why was he afraid to debate when it would matter most to voters in a vote-by-mail state?
  • Last week, President Trump refused to denounce the conspiracy fringe group QAnon. As someone who is close friends with the president, the co-chair of the Trump campaign in Utah, and closely linked to the conspiracy group himself, will Reyes finally condemn QAnon?
  • Cases of COVID-19 are on the rise in Utah and more than 500 Utahns have died because of the virus. This crisis hasn’t stopped Reyes from continuing to lead a lawsuit to repeal the Affordable Care Act which, if successful, would take health care away from hundreds of thousands of Utahns and put protections for 1.2 million Utahns with pre-existing conditions at risk. What is his plan to protect people who will lose coverage because of his reckless actions?

“After an entire campaign of dodging questions, misleading voters, and lying to the public, the people of Utah deserve answers,” said DAGA Political Director Farah Melendez. “It’s a shame that at a time when Utahns need a trustworthy state Attorney General the most, Reyes continues to mislead voters, avoid questions about his ties to dangerous conspiracy groups, and attack health care. Utahns deserve better and tonight’s debate will prove it once again.”

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