UT AG RACE UPDATE: DAGA Statement on Republican Primary

July 6, 2020


WASHINGTON, D.C.— The Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) released the following statement from Political Director Farah Melendez on the results of Utah’s Republican primary election for Attorney General.

Statement from Farah Melendez, Political Director of the Democratic Attorneys General Association:

“Republicans nominated Sean Reyes, an anti-health care politician who is currently wasting taxpayer dollars on a lawsuit to eliminate coverage for more than 100,000 Utahns and end protections for 1.2 million Utahns with pre-existing conditions. Sean cares about one thing only: cozying up to Trump no matter the cost. Not even a global pandemic is stopping him from pursuing this health care sabotage meant solely to score political points with national Republicans. The people of Utah deserve better than Sean Reyes.”

“Given how important health care is to voters right now in Utah, it’s no wonder that national Republicans were forced to come into Utah to prop up this endangered incumbent, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get Reyes out of the primary. The Utah AG seat is definitely on the map for Democrats this year.”



  • After the Republican AG primary debate, Utahns were left with more questions than answers for AG Reyes, especially around access to affordable health care (memo here).
  • In a recent Salt Lake Tribune investigation, Sean Reyes’ close ties to Banjo, a shady surveillance company, were disclosed including a no-bid multi-million dollar state contract he gave the company (note here).
  • Earlier this year, Republican AG Sean Reyes chose to defend political allies accused by the Trump Administration’s DOJ of fraud over upholding the rule of law (note here).

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