WaPo Ed Board: Virginia AG Sends a Dangerous Message

April 26, 2022

AG Miyares Under Fire After Dropping Appeal in Wrongful Police Killing of Bijan Ghaisar

Washington, DC — The Washington Post’s Editorial Board wrote a scathing opinion piece this week calling out newly-elected Virginia GOP Attorney General Jason Miyares for the dangerous message he’s sending to police. The message? “Don’t hesitate to shoot a civilian if you are exasperated, angry or feeling disrespected in the course of any encounter. The state’s self-styled top cop will have your back,” the Editorial Board writes.

They continued, “That same message bore a chilling subtext for Virginians who may have dealings with law enforcement that turn tense: Be very afraid, because police will enjoy impunity if they lose their cool and open fire — even if doing so is manifestly unwarranted and irresponsible.”

It doesn’t get more clear than that. The candidate “who ran a law-and-order campaign for office last year, saying he would ensure law enforcement would ‘keep you and your family safe.’ But last week he dropped the state’s appeal in the death of Bijan Ghaisar, a 25-year-old motorist shot to death in 2017 by two U.S. Park Police officers in Northern Virginia who faced no danger at the time they pulled their triggers.”

The Editorial Board asks the right question. “How can Virginians feel safe when Mr. Miyares displays contempt for grand jurors — ordinary Virginians — who concluded the officers’ actions justified manslaughter charges?”

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