DAGA-backed Group Launches New TV Ad in Colorado, Pins GOP AG Candidate George Brauchler on Anti-Science, Anti-Choice Extremism

October 19, 2018

Washington, D.C.—This week, a new television ad dropped from Justice Colorado/DAGA Lawyer’s Project, an independent organization backed by DAGA, focusing on GOP candidate George Brauchler’s extreme positions and inability to stand up for the people of Colorado as Attorney General. As the ad makes clear, Brauchler supports President Trump’s attacks on affordable healthcare for Coloradans with pre-existing conditions, rejects climate-change science, and backs taking away reproductive rights.

“This election is about who voters can trust to stand up for Colorado, Phil Weiser or Bad News Brauchler,” said Lizzie Ulmer, Communications Director at the Democratic Attorneys General Association. “Brauchler keeps trying to run from his far-right, Trump-backed agenda, but voters can see through that. He’s tried to run for office many times before— Senate, Governor, and now, Attorney General. The AG seat should not be a consolation prize for his ego.”

“The people of Colorado depend on their Attorney General, and they need someone they can trust to stand up for them. That is why Phil Weiser is the right choice for Attorney General in November,” continued Ulmer. “Weiser is a public servant who will put Colorado first.”

Watch the Justice Colorado/DAGA Lawyer’s Project ad linked here.

Full Transcript Below:

If you want an Attorney General who will stand up for Colorado

You should know, George Brauchler says we’re in “good hands” with Donald Trump

In good hands as Trump attacked our healthcare

And attacked protections for pre-existing conditions

Like Trump, Brauchler rejects the science of climate change

And Brauchler supports taking away a woman’s right to choose

When George Brauchler stands with Trump, he’ll never stand up for Colorado

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