Washington Post: “Races for State Attorney General Just Got Much More Important”

July 26, 2022

Democratic AGs fighting back against extremist GOP AG’s

Washington, DC — The Washington Post shined the spotlight on the critical role that Attorneys General are playing in the abortion fight. “We’re already seeing that the fight over abortion after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade will occur in many states and forums. At the heart of this will be attorneys general,” writes the Post.

“The evolving battle over abortion at the state level has prompted some Democrats to adopt a reading of the substantive and political challenges ahead, centered on the notion that races for state attorney general just got much more important,” the Post writes.

“‘Extremist Republican groups continue to push model legislation to ban abortion, and the central enforcer in that model legislation is state attorneys general,’ Sean Rankin, the president of the Democratic Attorneys General Association, told us in a statement.”

“Meanwhile, Democrats are running to unseat GOP attorneys general in states including Georgia and Arizona. If they can win, Democrats argue, they’d be able to slow the antiabortion enforcement tide. As Rankin put it: “Democratic AGs are the last line of defense.”


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