WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: Kris Mayes Wins Arizona AG Debate

September 28, 2022

Dishonest Hamadeh Defends Arizona’s Draconian Anti-Abortion Law and Lies About 2020 Election Certification

Washington, DC — Kris Mayes decisively won tonight’s statewide debate in the Arizona Attorney General’s race. Her opponent, Abe Hamadeh, has been facing massive questions about his extreme record on abortion in light of Arizona’s new banlegal qualifications to serve as Attorney General, and his anti-Semitic comments during this campaign.

Outside groups and observers rate the race as competitive, including Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball. Two recent polls have found Mayes taking the lead when voters hear about her experience and profile against Hamadeh’s.

Mayes, who has been elected statewide before in Arizona, decisively won the debate. Here’s what Arizona reporters and leaders are saying about their debate:


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