Wisconsin AG Josh Kaul Joins Morning Joe to Discuss Protecting Democracy Ahead of 2024

September 19, 2023

Amidst Republican-led Attempt to Remove State’s Chief Election Official

Washington, DC — Wisconsin AG Josh Kaul joined MSNBC’s Morning Joe last week to discuss his office’s fight to safeguard elections amid the ongoing and baseless GOP-led attack to oust the state’s top elections official. AG Kaul said, “[…] what’s really going on here is that Republicans are unhappy with results of elections, and rather than doing some self-reflection, they’re going after the folks who are administering elections. That is wrong. And that’s why we’re standing up against this.” 

He added “The reality is that we have fair, free and accurate elections in Wisconsin. We are often at the center of attention nationally about what’s happening with our elections. And we’ve had those results reviewed through recounts, through lawsuits. And consistently, what we’ve seen is that our elections are administered effectively.”

“But because of these attacks on elections and election denialism, our election commissioners and the administrator of that commission have received a lot of negative blowback. […] And now what’s happened is even though there’s no appointment of a new administrator, and our state Senate had no authority to act, the state senators in the Republican Party were so interested in putting their stamp of approval on this election denialism that they took a vote they didn’t have authority for so we filed suit. I’m confident that we are going to win this suit and that our administrator will remain in office moving forward.”


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