During WV AG Debate, “Pain Pill Pat” Morrisey Can No Longer Dodge These Three Questions

October 28, 2020


Tomorrow morning, West Virginia Republican Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and Democratic candidate Sam Petsonk will finally take the debate stage in West Virginia’s only AG debate ahead of Election Day. With November 3rd less than a week away, and with voting well underway in West Virginia, Morrisey has managed to avoid facing the people since the beginning of his candidacy. During the debate, Morrisey must finally answer to West Virginia voters, who have months of unanswered questions. Voters need answers on the following:


  1. West Virginia is the state often referred to as the ground zero of the opioid crisis. In fact, in 2017, West Virginia had the highest rate of opioid-related deaths in the nation. Knowing this, why didn’t “Pain Pill Pat” Morrisey immediately cut ties with the opioid industry once he was elected? In fact, “Pain Pill Pat” Morrisey continues to take money from the same opioid suppliers that knowingly saturated West Virginia with addictive and deadly drugs.

  1. West Virginians are still suffering from the deadly impact of COVID-19 — with more than 400 deaths across the state. That hasn’t stopped Morrisey from continuing to lead a lawsuit to repeal the Affordable Care Act, even after West Virginia doctors called on him to stop this partisan pursuit. If Morrisey’s lawsuit is successful, it would take health care away from more than 162,000 West Virginians and end protections for 716,400 people living with pre-existing conditions. What is his plan to protect people who lose coverage because of his reckless & costly actions?

  1. To date, thousands of West Virginians are still recovering from the terrible impact of the opioid epidemic. If Morrisey’s lawsuit to repeal the ACA is successful, this will dismantle the benefits that have helped West Virginians get the lifesaving treatment they need. What is his plan to protect those still recovering from the opioid crisis who will lose treatment options if the ACA is repealed?

“For years, working class West Virginians have been left to wonder why Morrisey fights harder for big pharmaceutical companies than he does for the people he was elected to represent,” said DAGA Deputy Political Director Manfred Mecoy. “West Virginians deserve to know why, in the middle of a deadly pandemic, Morrisey is doubling down on his commitment to rip away affordable care and building even stronger ties to Big Pharma. Tomorrow’s debate will prove what many of us already know – West Virginia cannot afford another four years of Morrisey’s broken promises and failed leadership. It’s time to send Morrisey back to New Jersey, for good.”

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